ABC complain about cops speeding.

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Just watched an ABC show stalking cop speeding near 80 mph or faster. Totally disagree. The speed limit is 65 mph and many freeways actually has 55 mph. I would much rather cops zoom pass me than strictly going at 65mph and everyone just tail behind him and scared of passing him above the real speed limit. That would be horrible. Besides, if they don't practice high speed driving on the real freeways, it will be very dangerous when they do a real chase with lack of practice. I would not want a cop who drive only 65 mph on the freeway to have a high speed chase with people speeding 90 or 100 mph on the freeway.

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Cops ain't above the law. Only Steven Seagal is.

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The problem is that the faster you go the more you increase the risk of an accident. Couple that with the number of times you drive faster than the limit and at some point you are going to cause a crash. Training doesn't mitigate that risk.

At the end of the day wouldn't it be better if they only drove that fast when it was an emergency? Thus lowering the risk of death... Common sense imo.

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I rarely see a cop speed. Usually when i see them they are driving under the speed limit and it annoys the hell out of me.