A Game Of Thrones Question (asking about Spoilers)

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is this a spoiler or was this guy just joking about the boos/tv show of A GOT

a simply yes or no please anything as please put in spoiler tag's

Carlos Danger

i just found out that Joffrey gets eaten by a drahgon in the fourth book, HILARIOUS, that mad little king deserves a death like that !

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Jack Ng-Dong

3 hours ago

Thank You

#2 Posted by ferrari2001 (16283 posts) -

lol what? Joffrey doesn't get eaten by a dragon?

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Littlefinger kills Joffrey with poison. Gets blamed on Tyrion I think.

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Yes, and then Dany joins a circus, Tyrion begins alcoholics anonymous and Arya becomes the queen of England.

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Joffrey does not get eaten by a dragon

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No, it isn't true.

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And people didn't listen for the spoiler tags.