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So 10 years have passed since I made this account. Prior to that I had visted this site as a nonmember for years. So have seen gs change pretty much from its start.

10 years is a decade. 1/10th a century.

So where were you guys 10 years ago?

Finishing up HS? Basking in the happiness of getting you phd?

I think I was a Jr.

Tech sure changed rather fast. It's a wonder. Kids now a days are robots.

So what do you think about the change in how tech has been integrated with our lives?

Do you see it as a good thing?

Or are we too connected to the media addled connections?

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I was thirteen. I didn't even have internet in my house.

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I'm surprised Dave. You've been here for so long.

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My account is 10 years old as well. I know I was in high school at the time, but can't remember what year exactly. Senior I think. But man time flies. O_o

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I was 6 years old 10 years ago. And I think that the rapid advances in tech is a very good thing, there are just some people who take it too far with things like social media or texting while at a movie or something.

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10 years ago i had no PC no internet. Not was into games and never heard of gamespot then =P

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10 years ago I worked at my first job as a designer and was together with my boyfriend for 4 years back then.
I am now an art director at another design agency, my boyfriend and I bought a house and started living together. We're together for 14 years now.
Oh and I have a cat :D

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Congrats, Dave!

I was 10 years old in November 2003, in my last year of primary school.

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I had just gotten out of the Air Force, and was temporarily staying with my family. I wound up moving down to Hawaii less than a year later.

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10 yrs ago i was 16. had ambitions to work in provincial government. didn't really have anything planned beyond that; no plans for post-sec education, no relationships, buying property etc.

I've been a very private person when it comes to my personal life, so I'm not fond of social media in technology, but i've learned to cope and realized that it's something that makes most people happier, even if that happiness is superficial and somewhat disconnected from reality.

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My original Banned account would be 5 years old at this time. 5 years ago I was 16, I came here looking for help for a section in MGS4. I had been in this site since I was 13, but never made an account.

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10 years a go I just started high school. Yesterday I just graduated from university.

Much has changed since then.

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More than 9 years, but less than 11.

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It expensive to live there? Puerto Rico is pretty lame; at least in comparison to the south. Everything is expensive, but tax is low.

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Congratulations Dave, keep it up.
10 years ago... well 10 years ago I was 10 and was still playing on my PS1. Didn't have a PC or internet for that matter at the time. As for GameSpot, have been a member here for 7 years and this is my second account. At first I only posted in the Wii section, then unions, then 3DS and then slowly made my way into OT 1 year ago.

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@Fightingfan said:


It expensive to live there? Puerto Rico is pretty lame; at least in comparison to the south. Everything is expensive, but tax is low.

It's not cheap, but we manage. Food and groceries can be a bit pricey (dairy, meats, etc.) and we don't always get sale items on some products like back on the mainland, but given the great weather all year, and how the majority of people here are actually nice and decent, it's a fair trade-off. I do miss being able to see my family especially during the holidays, but I've leaned to deal with it.

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I was 13, in middle school, and with 56k dial up. 10 years later I'm in college(took a 3 year break from school after HS so shush :P), my internet is about 900 times faster than my old dial up line and my cell phone completely smokes my old PC in power.