50 billion for the Russian Olympics..Was it well spent?

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Poll: 50 billion for the Russian Olympics..Was it well spent? (16 votes)

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i'm surprised it ballooned that much, especially with how bad the water and infrastructure there. even China's was 41 billion but didn't have that many problems. clearly it went straight into the garbage can or into people's pockets

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Someones going to get shot. They just f***ed up the olympics symbol. One of the snow flakes never opened.

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How much is being spent on killing stray dogs that roam Sochi?

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Forget the Olympics. Should've split that great sum of money towards reparations of the City of Sochi and a majority of the ruins of Russia.

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I heard the snowboarding course was ill designed and dangerous and has already taken out a few hopefuls in practice alone.

I also heard they spent a shit ton of money (yeah $50 billion) and it's got people scratching their heads to where it went because I heard the areas are a dump, the quarters for athletes are horrible, the grounds are horrible, and the preparation was a joke, they were supposed to be killing stray dogs that have become an issue when people were forced out of their homes they weren't compensated for. I hear a lot of this money was funneled to corrupt officials and middlemen... but that's the Russian mafia I guess, corrupt government officials and FSB officers. Hell, I heard they weren't even paying the guards at Sochi and when one of them complained they fired him.

I hear the price tag is more than ALL the previous Winter Olympic events combined... goddamn that's a lot of money.

I've a feeling in future there'll be books and documentaries about these events and the corruption and devastation surrounding them.

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I suppose it would depend on your valuation of a global event, designed to bring together all the nations of the world, in the spirit of peace and goodwill.

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It's pretty amusing to see Russia humiliated in this situation after the "promotion of homosexuality" nonsense they created. I wonder why the IOC decided to hand the reigns over to them.

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It was worth it if just one, ONE, USA athlete came out of the plane listening to this song:

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Should have spent it on education or infrastructure. The US should be spending money on that stuff too, but Congress is like "LOL Nope we gotta keep making our military OP as fuck for the sake of winning the global dick size competition". It doesn't matter if we have the most powerful military because if nukes start flying one day, everyone is screwed.

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Its cute to see Russia denying claims of corruption and kickbacks. As far as political corruption goes Russia has it down to an art.

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It's pretty amusing to see Russia humiliated in this situation after the "promotion of homosexuality" nonsense they created. I wonder why the IOC decided to hand the reigns over to them.

To be fair, they passed their "don't talk about icky gayness" law after they were chosen for the winter games.

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I will say the opening ceremonies last night were pretty fantastic. The nice mix of modern technology with ballet, classical Russian opera and music was pretty outstanding. I give them props were mixing those two things very well. While that money is a lot they've put together a pretty good place for the athletes to compete. These athletes do deserve good stadiums and ski resorts to really show off their abilities and I think they've at least gotten that.

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Given the massive amount of corruption in Russia. Most of that money probably went straight into their pockets

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LOL no


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They really spend a lot of money. Crazy Russian people. But anyway amazing performance.

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Could have spent that money on the homeless and the hungry.Sad world. :(.

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I doubt they'll end up like Greece