49ers vs Packers ! Who you think will win ?

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#1 Posted by LexLas (4485 posts) -

I have no doubt the 49ers will dominate. The cheese heads are a funny rivals, they will fall, we will prevail.

Go 49ers !!

#2 Posted by -ParaNormaN- (974 posts) -

@LexLas: Reppin' my city 24/7, 9ers all day everyday!

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The Packers are the worst team in the playoffs but anything can happen any given Sunday. I think the 49ers will win though

#4 Posted by LexLas (4485 posts) -

@-paranorman- said:

@LexLas: Reppin' my city 24/7, 9ers all day everyday!

Thats is pleya ! The cheese heads are a good bunch of fans though. At work here most of them actually wear the cheese heads, its so funny.

#5 Posted by SaintLeonidas (26733 posts) -

Can't stand the Niners so I will be hoping Rodgers and the Packers can ride the momentum and excitement of their win over the Bears and win.

#6 Posted by lamprey263 (25398 posts) -

I don't like either team, but it'd be nice to see the Packers lose on their home turf.

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I really hope the niners can do it.

#8 Posted by ferrari2001 (17288 posts) -

So long as the Chiefs beat the Colts again I could care less what happens to the Packers. We all know that in the NFC the Seahawks will be making it the superbowl anyways.

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Packers, if only just to use this clip eventually.

#10 Posted by GamingTitan (633 posts) -

San Francisco Forty-Whiners will most likely win.

oh and btw, GO HAWKS!!

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What an awesome win for the best in the West - Red & Gold 49ers ! Woo hooo !

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@lostrib: They did it !