31 minutes to sign in, what an upgrade...

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#1 Posted by yoda101280 (252 posts) -

Only took me 31 minutes to get signed in to this so-called improved version of the site. First tells me my old login is no longer detected so I try to create a new one, then it tells me that that email is all ready registered which completely contradicts the original thing. So then I try to merge my google account which just decides not to work at all. At that point I just try a bunch of times to log in with my original login and eventually it decides to work but even then it took about two minutes and two refreshes before the page popped up with me logged in.

So yeah, very not impressed with the new site thus far.

#2 Posted by thegerg (15471 posts) -

What!?! Glitches on a new site??? Unheard of!!!!

Quit bitching, get over it.

#3 Posted by awptical (835 posts) -

Whiny, ungrateful little brats. This is a free service they are providing all of us and you are really going to get all upset because there are some slowdowns and bugs during the launch of an entirely new design? There are probably tens of thousands of users trying out the new site, just be patient while they sort it out. Wont hurt you to crack open a book and get off the computer for a couple of hours. Jesus.

#4 Posted by kitty (114805 posts) -

Not sure why you expect things to be perfect from the get-go. Things from the old site are/were still being moved over. You aren't the only one that was experiencing these problems, we all were. Things take time, have some patience please.

#5 Posted by IcyFlamez96 (1355 posts) -

This is garbage so far lol

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Horray for repeat topics!!