2014 FIFA World Cup

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@korvus You could support them both, and just be happy for the winner if they should face each other :)

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@deeliman: Yeah, that's what I tried to do during the last Euro but when the Netherlands scored I went "yey!' and when Portugal scored I went "YEY!"...oops, guess it wasn't very impartial XD I wonder if it would be any different now that I'm actually living here (I wasn't at that time)

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@korvus But this time it will probably be a more even match, our team was just a disaster in the last euro cup

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@deeliman: Let's hope the match happens and that it's a close one =D

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Germany vs. Portugal is a super match and I'm afraid I'm won't be able to see it :(

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@Master_Live That sucks, it's probably gonna be the most exciting match this week

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Goddamn dutch people are going crazy right now with 5-1 compilation videos.

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@themajormayor said:

Fuck. Was really hoping for Bosnia. Messi proving again he is not the best player in the world.

Then who is, brah?

Ronaldo, Robben or Lahm.

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@Desmonic I think van gaal is just the kind of coach who realizes the importance of not letting wins like this go to their heads, so I'm not overly worried about that :)

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@Desmonic Who are you rooting for anyways?

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Goooooooal Germany! Was a pen.

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goooooooooooal 2-0!

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I think they're going to need a few more ronaldos.

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What a crappy performance from Portugal so far...

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3-0, too easy for the germans.

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the chancellor is pleased.

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I'm not even upset that Portugal is losing, I'm upset by the shameful way they're behaving as a team...towards each other and towards Germany. I know Portugal isn't going to win any fair play awards, but this is ridiculous.

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Portugal is in a huge a** problem...i'm in shocked and i think Ronaldo too

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Germany is wiping the floor with the Portugese's asses(no offense Korvus :P). Ronaldo is not enough if the rest of the team sucks like this.

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@johnd13: None taken...the Portuguese team's attitude might be the push I need to get fully on board with the Netherlands.

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This is turning into a rout.

Portugal's defence has been horrendous so far & with the dismissal of pepe(who might be suspended for other group games) , their qualification to the knockout stages is looking very uncertain. This might give USA & ghana a glimmer of hope.

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@korvus: Tbh I was always a fan of the Netherlands and their football philosophy. Nevertheless, it's your country and they're playing with the favorite in their group so I think you still have a good chance of progressing to the next round. If you don't get stomped by the other teams, that is. :P

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@korvus Finally, we have claimed you! :D

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@johnd13: Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they can't make it; I was saying that it's hard to support a team with that attitude. Bad team spirit, lots of big headed individuals (if Ronaldo's dick is as big as his head he should be a porn star) and that stupidity...an opponent fakes an injury so you go there and headbutt him? Wtf...

@deeliman: Is there an initiation? =P

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@Desmonic: The issue? You managed to narrow it down to 1? My list of issues with this team only grows...

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Ronaldo is just being shut out by Germany finding it so easy against the rest of the team.

He can't be expected to magic something up by himself, especially not against this Germany team.

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@korvus First we all smoke from the freedom joint, then we sacrifice cheese to the football gods

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@Desmonic: You're probably right. I don't know jack about football. Not one to watch sports, I only watch Euro and WC (and some NBA when the mood hits). I don't even know who the Portuguese players are XD

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Muller...HATRICK 4-0

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goooooal, muller hat trick!

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So tell us @korvus ,how does it feel to get your ass capped by Germans ?! :P

Not to mention my old country is already on its way to get its own ass capped by Nigeria in a couple of hours O___O

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Portugal will have to play much better than that against the USA and Ghana, neither are easy teams.

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Watching Portugal's forwards was just painful. If they had somebody up there who was a real threat, they'd be very tough to beat. Eder was a little better than Almeida, but still poop. And there has to be somebody better than Nani..

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We've had three critical ass-caps so far , Holland -Spain ,Costa Rica-Uruguay ,Germany-Portugal. Sure there will be plenty more.It's safe to say that it will be one world cup to remember ,so many unexpected results ,so many goals ,no goddamn ties so far....

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I fully expected to lose, but not this badly. It's not even the score thats bothering me, it's the way we played. FFS Bento grow some balls and resign now. We all see where this is going anyway...

Hell, I can't even remember the last time we suffered more than 2 goals in a qualifying or Euro/WC match.

Shit, you're Portuguese !

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Was anyone honestly expecting anything else?

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@Desmonic said:

@elkoldo said:

Shit, you're Portuguese !

What do you mean, "shit" brah? XD Don't make pull out the moustache! You'll regret it! XD

That was just some sort of indication of surprise lol I wouldn't expect you to announce you're Portuguese right after the 4-0 :P

You and korvus...Are all Portuguese people this nice ?! I'd love to see some Portuguese mustache after all , 'cause so far ,I've only seen Persian mustache, I've grown tried of it !

we call these guys : dog mustache !