2013 One of the best years ever for movies?

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Who else agrees that this past year was one of the best years for original movie releases in at least a decade? So many blockbuster hits that were unbelievable, as well as a ton of underrated films. First and foremost, being the ever more impressive comic book universe (both Marvel and DC) movies such as; Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, the Wolverine, and soon to be Thor 2 later this year. Also, along the same lines, Kick-Ass 2, and the new Star Trek: Into Darkness. Not to mention the many unbelievable action films, mainly Olympus Has Fallen. If you haven't seen Olympus Has Fallen, I recommend you do so immediately. Gerard Butler plays a phenomenal role, even more bad ass than Law Abiding Citizen in my opinion. Then there are also the amazing comedies released this year, such as; This is the End, We're the Millers, 21 & Over, and the Internship. Don't forget some of the incredible horror movies such as; Insidious Chapter 2, the Conjuring, and Mama. Maybe you can throw the Purge in there somewhere with thriller movies, definitely a great movie and original idea... Until you get to the last twenty minutes or so, and you realize that the ending is a complete disaster. And finally, Now You See Me. This, one of my personal favorites for this year, was an utter masterpiece. Inception as a magic show. A simply mind-blowing suspenseful and action packed original take on a Robin Hood based ideology as a plot. These movies are absolutely incredible, and with about two months to go this year, there are sure to be a few more before the year's end. If you haven't seen some of these movies, I definitely recommend checking them out. Let me know your thoughts? I'd love to know what everyone else thinks about this list. Maybe add or subtract a few?

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I like evil dead 2013

texas chainsaw massacre 3d

kick ass 2

the conjuring

man of steel

world war z

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I haven't seen World War Z yet, I'll definitely have to watch that one tonight. And I haven't seen Texas Chainsaw 3D, I'll have to check that one out too.

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One of the best ever? No, but it is shaping up to be at least one of the best in the past few years.

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Haha, please tell me this is all sarcasm...

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I tend to think whatever year I'm currently living in is the best year for movies ever. That being said, this year was legitimately great for movies that fall into my wheelhouse (sci-fi/action/comedy). Some personal favorites were Star Trek: Into Darkness, The Worlds End, This is the End, Olympus Has Fallen, and (presumably) The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

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This year sucked. I guess I didn't go to many movies, but that's because nothing looked interesting. Saw Only God Forgives, which was alright. Place Beyond the Pines... Then after that ot really anything lol.

Next year is looking good, I just hope it lives up to it. We got: Inherent Vice, Noah and Sin City. Three of my favorite directors, and plus I want more Sin City

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2012 was miles better

The hobbit, Avengers, the dark knight rises, cloud Atlas, Prometheus, Amazing spiderman, Ted, Skyfall, Looper, Dredd 3d, Expendables 2. 2013 sucks compared to 2012.

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@N1K0LA191 said:

I haven't seen World War Z yet, I'll definitely have to watch that one tonight. And I haven't seen Texas Chainsaw 3D, I'll have to check that one out too.

Some people never liked the new texas chainsaw movie but I thoroughly enjoyed it and u can get it dead cheap so I'd consider buying it lol.