Zelda Twilight Princess Wii - Arbiter's Grounds Big Key miss!

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I have got to the last room in the Arbiter's Grounds and have used the spinner to turn cogs and hence turned the room walls and have revealed the spinner staircase in the room leading to the end of level boss. But I have missed the big key and I cannot get across to the chest or cannot use the spinner to move the walls to get to the room at the other end of the chest. Am I stuck indefinitely or can I A:use the spinner to move the cogs to open access to the other rooms? or is there a way of getting over he sand whirlpool across to the big key chest?

PLEASE HELP, 47 hours of play is at stake!!

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Can't you just use the spinner to get across to the chest? I haven't played it in a while, so I can't remember so well. You might have to circle round and get it again.
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Well I was a victim of a glitch in TP and I had to restart my game. I don't remember what you have to do in your case but I was stuck in Arbiters's Grounds and I remember it has something to do with the spinner.
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That happened to me once and it stunk.
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What a pain! I think you have to go the long way back. You must've done it before.

Could you help me??? I have used the spinner but cannot seem to move the wall. So annoying. Did I miss something?

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just use the occoco bird to get out of the dongeon then go to where the key is
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There should be a set of rails for the Spinner to access the Big Key,but if you can't use them for whatever reason,just use the trick shown at around 1:54 here.It's accomplished just by normally attacking in wolf form.
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I know how you feel, I died by accident in the sand cause I fell off the stair case. and when I restarted the wall didn't go back so I had to retrace my steps.
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there's a circular thing above the wall that u can hook into using the clawshot to get to the other side
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there's a circular thing above the wall that u can hook into using the clawshot to get to the other sideNokuchikushi

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