Will I enjoy Bravely Default? Please help.

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Basically I enjoy good games, but I am not a technical JRPG guy as I don't know too much about the genre.

This article really impressed me, and I'd really like to play the game if it is enjoyable. Thanks for the help.


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Bravely default is a great game if you like classic jrpg,it is a game like snes jrpg. If you dont like old jrpg you shouldn't play it.

if you dont know if you like jrpg you should download the demo from the eshop. If you like the demo you should buy it.

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If you don't know much about the genre, you may want to start somewhere else. It's a good game so far but it's rather tough for being so early in the game. There are other, more user friendly JRPgs I'd recommend first, but if you think it's for you then you should check out the demo.

After glancing at the list in the link, I can say some of it is true. Building the town is great fun and addicting, the job system IS a lot of fun and the environmental art work is gorgeous. that being said, the story and characters are honestly fairly typical of the genre thus far. I haven't beaten the game yet, so I guess I'll have to wait and see but so far there isn't a whole lot that stands out about the story compared to, say, Final Fantasy V (which has basically the exact same job system as Bravely Default).

My own personal favorite JRPG is Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii. The characters are great and the story is very anime esque in its pacing and style, minus the filler that usually bogs down Japanese animation.

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Thanks for the help. Looks like I'll skip this game.

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@outworld222: If you want a more "noob friendly" JRPG, check out Chrono Trigger on the DS. It's a great game, but also good for novices. There's also Pokemon, of course.

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Download the Bravely Default Demo. This Demo is kinda like a prologue to the Bravely Default game. It is a mini campaign of basic Bravely Default game. The Demo seems to be an bunch of extra levels that didn't make it into the real game. The Demo is a good way to see what the gameplay is like. The good news is that you will not have to replay the Demo again. Since the levels featured are not in the main game. Which is good since the Demo is 8 ish hours long or so.

As for the main game the demo gives you an idea of the gameplay. Before you drop $39.99 on Bravely Default. Will you like it? I have know idea. After 8-9 hours of the demo you should have some idea. But this is a final fantasy game turned into a new stand alone RPG.

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coming from someone who is a real fan of JRPG's i would have toi say no. the game gets very reetitive towards the late game. U will be be going back and forth doing the same exact thing for the last 4 chapters fighting the exact same bosses and dungeons. also the game is very grind heavy and has a weak story. If u have a high tolerance for tedium and monotony sure go ahead. However if you are looking for a far better JRPG that is more user friendly and that is fun and has a great story, then Xenoblade Chronicles is your choice

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I see reaver-X, thanks.

Also MegaVideogameplayer, I did download the demo and I did not like it. So there you have it. Problem solved.