wiiU: Wonderful 101..on sale 29.99 amazon

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Amazon is selling a healthy amount of Wii U games this Christmas. But the recent price drop of The Wonderful 101 to $29.99, has vaulted it past all other Wii U games on Amazon’s best sellers. Remember, this is for Wii U products only. $29.99 seems to be the sweet spot for this type of game. Hopefully many people can try the game out at that price. Thanks to A Mature Gamer for the tip!


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Buying it now.. I've held out too long on buying this.

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Not this price in Canada :(

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Ill get it when it hits 10 dollars just like every single other platinum game has done.

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@Gargus said:

Ill get it when it hits 10 dollars just like every single other platinum game has done.

you bastard...lol

@MonsieurX said:

Not this price in Canada :(

damn...usually canada gets even better deals tha usa.

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Saw that eariler, buying right now.

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It was worth it at $60, but a bit of a gamble. At $30, it's much less of a gamble. If you feel like playing a game that you really need to sink your teeth into, this is perfect. Even if you only want to plow through the main story, $30 is probably still worth it. I found all the fun to be in the process of mastering the combat, though.

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Getting it.


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Picked this up today at Target for the same price along with DuckTales.

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Yeah US targets have this price drop going too.

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@ttualumni13 said:

Yeah US targets have this price drop going too.

So you're going to get it, right? It would be a nice break from all that codding you've fallen into, and posting high scores in The Wonderful 101 would be something to really brag about. :p

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@JordanElek: Haha nooo, the demo didn't really do anything for me, or give me any impressions of things I would want to look more into unfortunately. May pick it up waaay down the line once its ridiculously cheap, until then I'll stick with Extinction leaderboards haha :)

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Quite a few games dropped in price. Was planning to get Batman: Arkham Origins and Call of Duty: Ghosts as well but I think I can live without playing the latter and I can wait for the price of the former to go down even more lol.

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I went to Amazon and they were sold out of it.

I went to Best Buy today and got it for $2 because it was on sale there for $30 and I had 2 $15 gift cards.

I will be getting on it really soon.

If you missed the amazon deal, call best buy and they may have it for $30

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Skipped buying it on launch because the demo didn't really wow me, but 30 bucks was a nice price for me. I bought it a few days ago.