Wii Won't Read Any Disc

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#1 Posted by BanjoMumbo (512 posts) -

I have a Wii, and it won't read discs. All discs are in perfect condition, and should work normally. I bought a lens cleaner, followed the instructions, and it still failed. Could somebody help me with this situation?

#2 Posted by chris3116 (12174 posts) -

Call Nintendo.

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I have a friend that this happened to. What I did when I wen't over to their house was turned on the system and waited until I heard it try to catch the disk and right before it tried to catch, I shook the system and it started back working. Nintendo doesn't advise you do that though because it may mess up some internal workings, other than that, it's time for a repair. Hopefully you're still in warranty.

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It reads the disc, but there is always the traditional "Disc Read Error" message.

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It's broken. If your Wii is still under warranty, you'll only have the inconvenience of sending it in. If you're out of warranty, you'll have to buy a new Wii, but the price just came down, you're only 4/5 as screwed as you would have been.

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Dude the same thing just happened to me like 2 weeks ago

u have to send it back to nintendo

i know it sucks

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did you update?
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Does it make any noise when you put the disc(s) in?

If it makes a couple of small noises then nothing it usually means that your disc drive died.

You'll need to send it in to Nintendo.

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Did you download the 4.2 update? It's also causing problems with discs.

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that only happened to me when i bought it, and it was because the wii sports disc was completely ruined. i asked nintendo for a new copy and they gave me. but that stupid cardboard box keeps scratching it >_>
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Did you put the Disc in the right way?

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take it apart and wash it with hot soapy water....