Wii U Backwards Wha-?

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So I'm currently thinking about purchasing a Wii U. However, I have a pretty specific question that's going to determine this. I apologize if this information is circulating somewhere by this point, as I'm sure it is, but it's just too specific to just 'Google it'.

I know the Wii U is backwards compatible, but does that also apply to digital downloads from the Wii?

To be more specific: I know you can buy the original Paper Mario, digitally, through the Wii. My question is whether or not you'll be able to use that same platform through the Wii, to download Paper Mario to be played on the Wii U, or if the Wii U has its own 'eShop' that will not allow it.

I guess what I'm trying to say is... If I get a Wii U will I be able to download the old Zeldas and Paper Marios?

If this doesn't make full sense let me know and I'll elaborate.

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Yes, you can. You can transfer any downloaded Wii games like Wiiware or virtual console via sd card, including game saves, or just redownload them from the eShop in Wii mode. If you never got these games before you can buy them off the eShop in Wii mode too