Wii U and retro games with what controller? Confused!

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Okay I just bought a Wii U+Zelda Wind Waker bundle, yay! But now, as I'm an oldschool Nintendo fan and have missed a few console generations, I want to be able to play Zelda Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask and other N64 games and I've read that I need to buy them in the Wii mode and run them via Virtual Console. Sounds a bit complicated to me but so far I think I understand how this part goes, at least in theory.

But now comes the confusing part. I haven't owned the older Wii console but I know there are many controllers for it. I have got the idea that the new Wii U gamepad doesn't support Virtual Console (or vice versa). And if I'm right, the new Pro controller doesn't either, am I right? So I guess I need the older Classic or Classic Pro controller. Right? But then I noticed that in some pictures the Classic Pro controller was hooked into the Wii Remote controller, hmmm. Do I need that too in order to be able to use the Classic Pro controller? And what the hell, there's Wii Remote and Wii Remote Plus, and I don't even know the difference! Then I noticed there are some kind of chargers for these controllers too! Nunchuks! Sensor bars! Do I need them too? Shit!

Heck, I haven't realized Nintendo relies on accessories so much nowadays, before it was just a spare controller or two for friends. And all these controllers and controllers-to-hook-up-the-controllers-with are suddenly sounding quite pricey as a whole. But I still want to play old Zeldas, so please, can somebody help me with this? What do I need to buy?

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You can use the Gamepad to control Virtual Console games if you buy them off of the Wii U Eshop. If you buy them off of the store in Wii Mode, you need a wiimote and a classic controller or classic controller pro.

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For the N64 games you mentioned, yes, you need more accessories.

You will need a Wiimote and a classic controller. The Wii U comes with a sensor bar, so you should be ok there. Stupidly, the classic controller has to be plugged in to the wiimote.

The Wii Motion Plus is a wiimote with added motion capabilties. They sell an adapter for the previous wiimotes, but you should be able to easily buy a remote with motion plus built in.

So, to summarize, you need a Wii remote (with motion plus) and a classic controller.