Where to get Dragon Skins in TLS (Spoiler)

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No sure if this is or not an spoiler as, from the point in story I'm playing, doesn't seem much more than just a new armor

Ok, I already got the upper part for the dragon armor but I still need 2 more dragon skins or scales (don't remember the exact name), so the guy in the alley can forge the lower part for me

According to the Wikia this item comes from the sidequests or revisiting the missions. I'm about to be named knight and Lv.42, but in none the missions I've been able to find them, and I'm starting to get bored of repeating some of those missions, specially as it appears I don't get experience

Any help could be fine

Thanks in advance!

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So, no one remembers or I spelled it incorrectly? I'm playing in Spanish so not sure how is the actual item called in English
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Check a FAQ to see if you can get specific locations, I got it with just general play. When I ran into that guy, I had all the Dragon Skin, I was near the end game though.
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Thanks. I believe I'm also near the end, but now I believe that dragon guy won't be available anymore. Nevertheless, perhaps at a second playthrough ;) Regards
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He's not going anywhere and you still have a decent amount of the game to go.