Where can we set up Tournaments for the WiiU on Gamespot?

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#1 Posted by nini200 (10634 posts) -

I am in the tournament scene and I believe bringing a casual (or even sponsored) WiiU Tournament here to gamespot would add to the WiiU as well as it'd be alot of fun for us.

The first game I'd like to do a tournament in is Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed. This game could easily be spectated by a mod and at the end of maybe 12 races, whoever has the most points could be the winner until dethroned at the next tournament.

So is there anywhere here on gamespot (If not this board) that we can set up WiiU Tournaments?

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Was there a Wii version of this?

#3 Posted by nini200 (10634 posts) -

Was there a Wii version of this?

There was a Wii version of the first one. Not sure about Transformed though.
#4 Posted by YearoftheSnake5 (8414 posts) -

I don't think anything is formally set up on Gamespot for tournaments in particular. I remember unions doing a lot of tournaments, though.