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Well it's the last day of 2013; my activity on the site has been declining gradually over the past couple of months. In 2014, I've decided to use wordpress to blog instead of GameSpot. Today I wrote up a rather long entry for my top 10 games of 2013 along with a couple honorable mentions and games that were released in past years.

A great year in games all together, especially for the 3DS which has multiple titles on the list. How does your list compare, and what are some of your favorites? What were some of your biggest disappointments? What games are you excited for in 2014?

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Interesting list! Can't comment on The Last of Us as I've never played it but would like to some day.

As for me, Animal Crossing: New Leaf and A Link Between Worlds are right at the top, as is Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D (although I don't know if that counts as it's a port).

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Overall, my favorite game of the year was certainly Super Mario 3D World.

On the 3DS it is awfully hard to choose the best, but I am split between Dark Moon and Fire Emblem (which I just got a few days ago).

By the way, I am now following you over on Wordpress!

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If I had played Rogue Legacy and Brothers before the deadline for my top ten list, they definitely would've made the cut on mine, too.

Well, maybe not Brothers.... That game moved me to tears at the end, and the gameplay throughout made that possible, but the puzzles were barely puzzles and the couple of awesome environments made all the others look bland.

Rogue Legacy is great. Just great. I'm not too far, almost able to beat the second boss if I get the right character and a good run, but I love it. It has a lot of the same qualities of Dark Souls that I love, save for a few key elements, like intricate world design and returning to the bloodstain.

Here is my full list.

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Definitely agree with Super Mario 3D World. After finishing The Last of Us, I thought that would be it for sure, but Super Mario 3D World really hit on all cylinders.

Here's my top 10. Big year for Nintendo.

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Great article by the way, I did a Top 10 on Games for 2013 not so long a go on Gamespot- My Top Favourite Games for 2013 Part 4: GAME OF THE YEAR

My favourite 3DS games for this year have been Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.

What I am looking forward to in 2014 is Layton VS Phoenix Wright for the 3DS in Spring

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I've only played like three 2013 releases haha. Glad to see Xenoblade on your list though! It's my GOTY every year!