Sonic To Nintendo but Sega lost Mario in the mail?!?

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Does Anybody have any idea why Sonic games are on nintendo but PS2, PS3 and PSP have nothing to do with Mario.
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Sega no longer makes consoles so the games go to all platforms

Nintendo makes consoles so the king of video gaming is only on Nintendo's platform

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Sega is a third party developer. They don't make systems anymore so they make games for every console.

If you can't figure out why Mario isn't on the PS3, I just don't know what to say.

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Sega, I believe, signed an agreement with nintendo to only release their trite, repetitive games for Nintendo consoles.

But I have no idea what you're asking.

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Third-party publisher
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wait, read the title then the first post, you make it seem like psp, ps2 and ps3 are sega. if anything it would be a mario game on a sega system, which aren't made anymore.
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Because Nintendo have a console and Sega doesn't. If Sega were still in the console race, Sonic would still be on their consoles.
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Sega is a third party devoloper, so they devolop games for all systems. While Nintendo and Sony both have consoles out, and are both first party devolopers. So, Nintendo is only going to want games with Mario to be on their Console since they own him, and only devolop for their system. Why would they help their Competition?
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lol wut.
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TC, Sega and Sony are two different companies. Sony is a console company that owns the PSP, PS3 and PS2. While Sega is a game developer who make Sonic games. Hopefully I'm putting this easy.

And yes other posters, I do know Sony do more then videogame consoles but I'm trying to put it in simple wording.

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The fail is strong with this one.
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Way back when the xbox and ps2 came out sega was losing sales like crazy so they stopped making consoles and started making sonic games for mostly nintendo. Thats why sonic adventure 2 battle is one of the earlest gamecube games.
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Does Anybody have any idea why Sonic games are on nintendo but PS2, PS3 and PSP have nothing to do with Mario.SmashyCut

Ive got 3 words for you:

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...Because nintendo doesn't make games for their competition...
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play station has nothing to do with mario because nintendo would never let them have any mario games. Sonic is on nintendo because sega let nintendo have soinic games.
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20 yrs ago

Mario said I'll stick with Nintendo since they got all the money.
Sonic said I'll stick with Sega cuz the share the first same letter and they have all the money too.

Sega and Nintendo were playing and they put over 80% of their money in a bet. Both confident enough that they will win.Sega lost and now reduced now to trying to make money they can, on all the other platforms. Nintendo own Mario now, so mario can't go sneaking into xbox or playstation or mario gets hurt.

(hopefully you can understand this)