SMT X fire emblem "on schedule"

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for nini200 :)

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Good news! :) ..@nini200

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Well now that's wonderful news!!! Thanks! This is my most anticipated WiiU game without a doubt. I know these 2 companies can't mess this up. It's incredibly good to hear them confirm that it's still going smoothly. I'm hoping for a release date. As soon as preorders start for this, I will be paying for my copy in full. The potential with this game is through the roof and my WiiU will see many many many hours of this game once I get it.


Thanks for the summon lol

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I'm also excited for that Wii U FE title, but incredibly hesitant on how well it'll surpass its expectations in sales.

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Hopefully it releases sometime next year. I'm so down for this crossover of genius franchises.