Smash Bros 3DSXL Bundle?

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Hey guys! My first post so I hope I didn't put anything in the wrong place (If I did, feel free to correct me haha).

So as we approach Smash Bros 3DS's launch, I was wondering about what the bundle that comes with the game would be like? I am planning on getting one. I know that no one here probably has a ton more information than me, but I was just wondering which system (3DS, 2DS, 3DSXL) do you think the game will be bundled with, how much it will cost, when it will be released, and whether it will be widely available? Also, what ideas do you guys have for the look? I think Characters on the front and smash ball near the buttons would be the coolest. Thanks guys!

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I think that they'll have one, and it will be the "XL" model. It'll probably come with the game digitally. (or a physical copy)

I really hope they make it silver and add the Smash logo on it. Then they REALLY should do the same for Wii U. Silver console, silver Gamepad. Maybe both with the Smash logo. Matching consoles for Christmas, that would be perfect.

They both should be the same price as the other bundles are now. Or maybe have a temporary holiday price drop.

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@pikachudude860: I hope that they aren't sold out quickly by June of next year. Really don't want them to be gone or at a ridiculous price so I can't get them.

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@seanhusoccer: I can understand that. If your worried about getting them (If they ever come out...) I'd recommend getting them at launch, or soon after. You know, just in case.

I THINK the Wind Waker Wii U bundles are still available. They came out about a year ago. So maybe the Smash Bros. bundles will still be available next year in case you can't get them this year. (If they ever come out)