skin and screen protectors for the 3ds

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there are two full body protection for the 3ds the best skins ever and skinomy

anyone who already put any of these protection could you give us a review please

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sorry, but do you mind linking the skin protectors? i'm kind of interested in one

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I never used a full body skin before, but I've been doing a lot of reading on it. It seems good, would offer good protection, but I dont think its for me. Its very tough to get on properly,specially if its your first time, and you will most likely have lose/hanging edges. Skin may also turn yelow/discolor in time, and the edges/seams will collect dirt/dust. Has an orange peel look. Will give your ds a glossy/shiny/ feel/look. Depends on what your taste is, also a concern upon removal if it may damage/remove the paint, though this is far few in between and most ipod users say it removed fine.

The skin itself is very strong and will offer great scratch protection with no bulk.Heres a picture of it on the dsi.

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these are the two im intrested in buying

for skinomi though its better to buy from

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I purchased a bestskinever full body skin, but I'm a little pissed that they still haven't shipped mine out. They said that if I pre-ordered it, it would be shipped out on 3/31. They gave me no indication that it's shipped and their website says that my order is still processing. :evil: