Should I Pre-Order Smash for 3ds?

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I was wondering to preorder for reassurance in case of the small (or is it small?) chance of it running out. I was thinking of not doing it because of no preorder bonuses (or are there?) And I am a total noob at preordering so do I pay five dollars up front or more?

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Why not? I highly doubt the game will be hard to find, but might as well reserve a copy just in case. I expect it will sell well, and it all depends how many copies your particular store is going to get.

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If you plan on buying it in a store like Gamestop, then your best bet is to preorder. Idk if it's because I live in a big city, but for the past 2 years, every Gamestop I've been into only has enough copies for preorders during the first couple of weeks of a game's release. If I enter on a game's release date, they would question why I didn't preorder and I would leave empty-handed, only to search for a copy in big general retailers like Best Buy and Target.

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Technically only Limited Editions should get pre-ordered since they are limited. Though I already have it pre-ordered and paid off lol. I pre-order and pay off games in advance so I can plan out my money the best I can.

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I plan on it simply because of Nintendo's habit of under shipping titles.

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@Bardock47: Didn't know they under shipped. O.o

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you can buy it on midnight before launch on the eshop. it will always be available on eshop.

this game was made to be installed to always have on your hdd imo.

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yes you should.

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I guess so. You can always cancel a pre-order anyway.

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@trugs26: I heard they get all pissy when you cancel because it shows up as a negative on their part.

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@mkfanforever58: You don't owe them anything. They're a business. You're a consumer. If you find a better deal elsewhere, then that's their problem, not yours. To be considerate, maybe cancelling a pre-order on the same day it comes out is a little annoying. But that's up to you.

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@trugs26: yeah, you're right.

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@KBFloYd said:

you can buy it on midnight before launch on the eshop. it will always be available on eshop.

this game was made to be installed to always have on your hdd imo.

Yeah, I'm going digital too. I wouldn't be surprised if the high demand collapsed the eshop servers for a couple of days, though.

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@mkfanforever58: Its an issue that kinda flies under the radar too often. When I was talking to a Gamestop employee* (About Pikmin 3 coming out) she said they only have about 3-5 copies coming in outside of the pre-orders and that this was normal for Nintendo, of course this prompted me to pre-order. More recently, a friend of mine went out to get tomodachi life, and every store in town was out. Gamestop, Wal-Mart, Kmart,etc. They undership so people that want it, but missed out on the initial buy, just get it from the eshop so they get all the profit.

*Note: Before anyone says anything, my local gamestop isn't filled with the asshats that I always hear about, so I don't think they were blowing smoke up my ass.

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The thing with the eshop is I try to avoid digital if possible. I have an anxiety disorder and things run through my head that probably won't happen. But I will probably pre order thanks for the answers guys!

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Just Pre-Order it to be safe if you really want it on day one!

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Just pre ordered it today.