Regions, Voltage, and So Forth

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Hi all,

I'm currently applying to an exchange program for my third year of university. Right now, it looks as if I'll be going to Leeds if all goes well. Now, this is a very minor concern -- but I'm wondering if and how I could get a North American Wii working in the UK. I think a voltage convertor could be used to plug it in, but how does the whole region thing fit in? I know the Wii is region-locked, meaning I will not be able to play UK games on my Wii, but will it work on a UK TV at all? I know this is somewhat of a silly question, as I'll likely be too busy studying and enjoying the change of locale, but I'm trying to tie down all the minor things now. Thanks.
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Any help at all on this? Anything would be appreciated from somebody who has an understanding on the workings of Wii region mechanics.
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I think a lot of things depend on the specific television you want to hook up to.  I'm no expert on PAL, but I do know that a lot of the newer televisions may be able to handle both NTSC and PAL.  Specifically the flat panel televisions.  If you brought your own (or a computer monitor that supports component or S-video inputs) you would have it pretty set up, obviously with appropriate voltage conversion.
I don't think there's a blanket answer to the question though, as a lot depends on what and where you hook up to. I was last in England about 5 years ago, everything I saw then was PAL CRT, a lot has changed in the TV world since then. 
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Since you're not buying yourself a tv over there, you should really check your place of accomodation if they have a tv and if it is a multi-system tv (accepts PAL & NTSC tv signal). If it is a multi-system, then you're set and all you'll need is the voltage converter. I don't know how high a percentage of tv owners have a multi-system tv. In the asian region where I am, it's pretty much all televisions are multi-system as we use PAL signals for tv but videogames are NTSC.