Rank the 3D Zelda games in various aspects.

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This is including only 3D console Zeldas. Excludes re-makes.


I'd say from OOT to Skyward, each Zelda game got increasingly better looking.


1. The Wind Waker - Every aspect of the score is flawless.

2. Ocarina of Time - One of OOT's strong suits for sure.

3. Majora's Mask - Loved the sound track, but you need to be in the mood for it.

4. Twilight Princess - Had great composition, but lack of orchestra hurts it.

5. Skyward Sword - Had orchestra but compositions weren't so memorable.


1. Majora's Mask - Pure brilliance. My argument is that it is Nintendo's best story ever created.

2. The Wind Waker - Emotional and evocative, very well written.

3. Twilight Princess - Not so much Link's story, but still a great one none the less

4. Skyward Sword - Cinematic cutscenes were great, but the writing often didn't match it

5. Ocarina of Time - Story was one of the most generic in the series.


1. Majora's Mask

2. The Wind Waker - Colorful overworld with a great sea to explore. Sailing can be tedious though.

3. Ocarina of Time - Middle of the road. Meaning very good in an overall sense.

4. Skyward Sword - The sky world is practically empty and the ground world is far too dense.

5. Twilight Princess - Overworld was needlessly large. Barren and empty.


1. Twilight Princess - Dungeons are large, complex and the puzzles are at their greatest.

2. Skyward Sword - Beautiful art design with innovative concepts in the dungeons.

3. Majora's Mask - The haunting atmosphere of these dungeons is incredible

4. Ocarina of Time - Each dungeon was well made but also had its share of flaws

5. The Wind Waker - Linear, non-challenging, weak puzzles. Very derivative; little innovation


1. Ocarina of Time - Flawless progression; balances length and pace.

2. Twilight Princess - Is a long game, but the slowdowns make a small percentage of it.

3. Majora's Mask - Depends if you view side quests because there are a lot of them

4. The Wind Waker - Flawless pacing for the first half. Then the god-awful triforce quest.

5. Skyward Sword - Plagued with pacing issues. The only big flaw on this otherwise masterful game.


1. Twilight Princess - Yes, they were one-time uses, but there were many creative inclusions

2. Skyward Sword - Small item wheel but the item usage wasn't as predictable

3. Ocarina of Time - A lot of great inclusions, but mostly standard.

4. Majora's Mask - Arrows were predictable and most masks were useless

5. The Wind Waker - Deku Leaf aside, nothing special. Very obvious usage.

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