PSA: Bravely Default's dreaded last chapters. NO SPOILERS :)

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Hey everyone, i just got beat Bravely Default and I'm prepared to give a PSA to you guys. The last few chapters before the Endgame are frustrating (that's a nice term for it). You'll be undergoing a repetitive task that gets really boring really quick. BUT that's OK because that's why I'm here to warn you about it without spoilers. :)

Chapter 5 starts the nonsense which will be the bane of enjoyment you have. But once you reach Ch 6, I definitely recommend you turn the difficulty to easy (or use a cheating ninja squad) to breeze through the tediousness which ends after chapter 8. There's only a single sidequest that rewards a job on ch6, all the rest are for backstory (backstory is worthless at this point imo), assuming you got the Vampire class. So, yeah, there's little story progression in chapters 6-8 anyways so, like I said switch your difficulty to easy and get that story rolling. Then if you're under leveled when you're at the endgame, just hunt down genomes or grind in the Earth Temple.

The reason I say this, is because the true ending of Bravely Default was completely worth switching to easy mode for a few chapters.

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Yeah I heard the pacing near the end is bad... Not sure what I'll do yet. Also are there any missable jobs? I want to collect them all for completion's sake.

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I just grinded outside of florem when I got to chapter 5

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@turtlethetaffer: you should be doing all the quests as your first priority. If you have then there is only 1 missable job in ch6. There's a bunch of other quests on the map as well (that don't have job rewards), so if you need to find it, just ask or look it up :)

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Thanks for the tip. I'll keep that in mind. I just hope I've gotten all the jobs I can possibly get considering where I am in the game.

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@yokofox33: just heed the suggestion I made to turtle in my previous post and you should have all the jobs no problem :) they are all easy to get because of the blue markers on the map, the only two that are difficult are the last two.

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I finished the game last week; the ending chapters were definitely a huge drag. It's not so bad the first time you do it in chapter 5. Afterwards, the game just goes downhill until the very very end. I also set it to easy mode just to get through it as quick as possible.

As mentioned by TC, do NOT bother doing any of the side quests that appear in Chapters 5/6/7/8. There's one new job you get in Chapter 6 and the Vampire castle side quest if you haven't done it earlier (it's pretty challenging if you try it immediately when it's available late chapter 4 so it wouldn't hurt to wait until maybe Ch. 5/6).

But seriously, the whole concept behind those later chapters is a complete joke.

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@moltenix: yeah, luckily the ending was worth it imo. Especially the secret video at the end.

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@bbkkristian: Cool thanks. I always do side quests, I'm pretty sure I'm up date on all of them for the point in the game I'm at.