Pokemon X and Y Hard mode?

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Does the new pokemon game include a hard mode? tried to find this out, no one has really mentioned it..

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It does not. For an extra challenge in the game, you can turn off the EXP Share.

I would be nice if they had a difficult setting at the beginning of the game. The difficulty setting in Black 2 and White 2 was extremely idiotic and frustrating to unlock.

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Turn off EXP share. It will be harder...

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i thought hard made was when a pokemon faints its gone forever? and you can only catch 1 of each pokemon, even if it dies.

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As the posters above mentioned, turn off EXP Share if you want to slow down the rate that your team levels up.

Something else you could try is changing the Battle Style to SET instead of SHIFT. Shift is the default option and asks you if you want to switch Pokemon after you defeat each one in a team battle. e.g. X is about to send out Charizard! Do you want to switch Pokemon? With SET option, when you defeat the first Pokemon, they'll just bring out the next one. You can still switch, you just have to do it once the next Pokemon is already out. This means whoever you switch to will get damaged if they choose to attack. Makes things a bit more realistic because if this was real life, you wouldn't know they were bringing out Charizard until they actually did.

This doesn't affect wild Pokemon battles but it makes trainer battles (if they have more than one Pokemon) and Gym leaders a bit more challenging.

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That's strange how they included it in Black and White 2 but not this one, ok thanks people!

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@GTA_MGS_1 said:

That's strange how they included it in Black and White 2 but not this one, ok thanks people!

Because they purposely don't add features in order to get you to buy the third game in the generation.