Please help (Nunchuk problem)

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I'm in the middle of a bossfight in MP3 right now, and it requires me to use the Nunchuks motion sensing control. Problem is, it randomly stopped working. This happened to me earlier tonight for about 20 minuets and than suddenly started working again. I tried reconnecting the Nunchuk, changing the remotes batteries, connecting it to a different remote, shaking it in all directions.. not just the ones I was supposed too, and the thing still won't work. Has anyone ever had this type of problem before? Do I just have a faulty Nunchuk? What gives?!
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I've never had this problem. Try smacking it on a table or something.

I'm kidding, but really it might be defective.

Also, it might be out of sync. Try syncing up the Wiimote with the system again. Sometimes it sync's the controller to a weird standard, and you have to press that red button in the inside of the battery compartment, as well as the corresponding red button on the back of the Wii console. If it's not that, you might need to contact Nintendo. They'll help you out. Their number is in the manual somewhere, or you can find it online.

Good luck.

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Hmm, i have a similar problem sometimes with 1 of my nunchuks. It often decides to stop working properly and so i have to unplug and re plug it into the controller again, which 9/10 times fixes the problem.

I can't even begin to think how many games on mario strikers charged that has lost me though, its very annoying. Does anyone else get this? What should i do?

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Try to unplug all the Wii parts and then plug them and see

If dosen't work I think you need a new one;)

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I can't even begin to think how many games on mario strikers charged that has lost me though, its very annoying. Does anyone else get this? What should i do?


The same thing happened to my brother when he was playing Strikers as well.

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You might have to get another one.
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yeah you may have to get another one.but the good thing is nunchucks only cost 20 bucks.
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r u on gandrays? if you are, just dont get caught
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When did you buy your wii? Usually, there is an automatic insurance policy for the first month of purchase.
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Where to start this sad story, oh I know.. I bought a Wii today, got home, set everything up, started up the system, tried to start up Wii Sports... Nothing happens, I move around, i get no hand icon or anything. The other controller works fine, however, as the topic says, my Nunchuck seems like it is dead. I'll try the things stated here and if they work i'll get back.
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Well it sounds to me like you just need to re-sync your remote. Try that, if that doesn't fix it, then definitely exchange it for another one.
#12 Posted by meimnobody (5565 posts) - people. Follow what they say if you still cannot get it to work call Nintendo. They will do an exchange that won't cost you a thing.