People still playing monster hunter tri online?

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#1 Posted by Ronso (472 posts) -
I'm getting this game today and was wondering if I were to get online if I would have a good chance to find anyone.
#2 Posted by AutoPilotOn (8617 posts) -
I bought it a few months ago. Have yet to play it.
#3 Posted by OreoMilkshake (12825 posts) -
Probably a ton of japs.
#4 Posted by thetravman (3546 posts) -

Probably a ton of japs.OreoMilkshake

They're on a different server (where they have to pay, unfortunately).

And yes there is still a healthy community there. Just stick with the open or recruiting areas.

#5 Posted by Ronso (472 posts) -
Awesome, good news to hear.