On Saving 3DS Games

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#1 Posted by ZachMasta (579 posts) -

One thing I dislike about the DS is that save states are to the actual game cartridge.

Can the 3DS store game memory into its own hard-drive or will saving resemble the DS? I can think of quite a few reasons why I'd rather have my memory in the system than the game cartridge.

#2 Posted by dzimm (4671 posts) -
I've heard speculation that it will save games either to its internal memory or to the SD card, but I haven't heard anything concrete.
#3 Posted by gamedude2009 (4657 posts) -

I thought the SD card thing was confirmed? And actually, I'd like saving to the cart more, so that if you want more files, you can just get another cart instead of another 3DS.

#4 Posted by Euaggelistes (1826 posts) -

I would think it would be more advantageous to save to the card than to internal memory. What would be the advantages of saving to the system itself?

#5 Posted by gamedude2009 (4657 posts) -

Memory cards are the best... that's one of the reasons the GC is so great, memory cards!