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This thread is for the GameSpot community to exchange their Nintendo IDs with each other.

Feel free to post and/or share yours.

The table below will be updated at the discretion of the site moderators as new IDs are posted.

If you decide to add a person from this list, remember to send them a personal message letting them know you added them so they can add you back.

UserNintendo ID
UserNintendo ID

UserNintendo ID
#2 Posted by Pierst179 (10803 posts) -

Reserved post.

#3 Posted by Pierst179 (10803 posts) -

Reserved post.

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Doctor.Slump is mine :)

#5 Posted by kingjazziephiz (2474 posts) -

Mine is brat7hj4

#6 Posted by Pierst179 (10803 posts) -
@kingjazziephiz said:

Mine is brat7hj4

Are you sure that ID is correct?

I just tried adding you and the system said it could not locate it.

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#8 Posted by YearoftheSnake5 (8388 posts) -

NN ID: Lord_Zeth

#9 Posted by Travo_basic (38751 posts) -


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@Pierst179: ah damn, that's my ps3 account. My NN ID is jAsonthegreat

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@kingjazziephiz said:

@Pierst179: ah damn, that's my ps3 account. My NN ID is jAsonthegreat

Ok, list updated!

#12 Posted by Kaze_no_Mirai (11687 posts) -

Mine is BluesDrive

Feel free to add me. :)

#13 Posted by bbkkristian (14967 posts) -

got a Wii U!! :D [i think] my nintendo id is bbkkristian. pm me if you add me.

#14 Posted by whiskeystrike (12096 posts) -

My handle is whiskeystrike if anyone wants to add

#15 Posted by Somberlain85 (25 posts) -

Nintendo ID : bapelsin

#16 Posted by pc-ps360 (3460 posts) -

my id is JABzzz

#18 Posted by ANIMEguy10034 (4895 posts) -

Despite the fact we can not add or message friends on the 3DS Miiverse, it's still nice to follow your fellow forum members.

My Nintendo ID is EdwardJP. Looking forward to seeing your posts!

#19 Posted by Epak_ (7192 posts) -

Mah NID is Kapetus.

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The list has been updated!

#21 Posted by Epak_ (7192 posts) -

Tried the demo for Sonic Lost World, plays good. Gotta buy it next month!

#22 Posted by AtlanticRock (8125 posts) -

Nintendo ID: circusrock

Friend Code: 2251 - 4853 - 0498

#23 Posted by JattDon (372 posts) -

Nintendo Network id: Money26

Add me up!

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#26 Posted by OctavianZarda (533 posts) -

Mine is OctaviusZarda, feel me to add me with a message stating you're from here.

#27 Posted by good_sk8er7 (4325 posts) -


I'm new and need fwiends!

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Feel free to add me

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I'm Slashingkatie, I will try to accept all requests.

#30 Posted by darwin356 (64 posts) -

Hi! my Nintendo ID is Ren-Ji add me too guys thanks!

#31 Posted by V3rciS (2206 posts) -

My ID is Vercis add me if you want

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My ID is Gamingclone

#33 Posted by B_rich84 (187 posts) -


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mustangfreak is my NID

#35 Posted by trugs26 (6116 posts) -

Hey guys. I'm real keen to play Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze time attack, but I need people on my friends list to compete with.

Add me to the list above anyway.

Nintendo ID: chalmers

#36 Posted by Bigboi500 (31575 posts) -

NN ID: Briguyb13

#37 Posted by 93BlackHawk93 (6420 posts) -

Look at sig.

#38 Posted by Myst1cDragon (25 posts) -

I am new to the Wii U world so my NN ID is Myst1cDragon, Take care everyone!

#39 Posted by Enforcedspot (2915 posts) -

Nintendo ID: Enforced

I don't have Wii u yet but I'll get it someday, hopefully before Mario Kart 8 comes out. So feel free to follow me.

#40 Posted by 93BlackHawk93 (6420 posts) -

@Enforcedspot said:

Nintendo ID: Enforced

I don't have Wii u yet but I'll get it someday, hopefully before Mario Kart 8 comes out. So feel free to follow me.

Who are you?

#41 Posted by Pierst179 (10803 posts) -

The tables have been updated!

I apologize it has took me so long to update the list. It turns out updating the tables is a huge pain, because you simply cannot add an extra line to them. You have to create one from scratch with extra lines and move all data from one to the other.

If anybody has any suggestions for a new format, I will gladly consider it!

@93BlackHawk93 said:

Look at sig.

I am not seeing your sig, so I did not add your name to the list.

I am assuming my account is configured (by default) not to show people's signatures.

#42 Posted by 93BlackHawk93 (6420 posts) -

@Pierst179: BlackHawk0

#43 Posted by Pierst179 (10803 posts) -
@93BlackHawk93 said:

@Pierst179: BlackHawk0

Thanks! I will put you in a new table so I don't have to destroy the one I just rebuilt. =P

#44 Posted by YearoftheSnake5 (8388 posts) -

Include a message that says you're from Gamespot, if you decide to send me a friend request. I almost always decline requests without any message attached to them.

#45 Posted by Serbine (10934 posts) -

Had the Wii U for two or so months now, though I haven't played it much due to playing thru some Wii games *still got a Wii*.

Anyway my NNID: Serbine *same as my GS screen name*

#46 Posted by carloscanalesv (109 posts) -

Just bought a Wii U!!! I'll let you fine people know my ID once I have one :)

#47 Posted by VintAge68 (443 posts) -

Me too I bought one last Christmas: it's a fine console though has to compete for my gaming time...

My ID is boucfidel

Currently playing: Zombi U, MH3U, and Lego City Undercover; next game purchases planned: Mario Kart 8 & Bayonetta 2

#48 Posted by carloscanalesv (109 posts) -

I tried with an account, send friend requests but then I settled for another one. Sorry if I reach out to some of you guys twice. Anyways, my definitive ID is:


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The list has been updated!

#50 Posted by Sly_Keenan (25 posts) -

I have Mario Kart 8 pre ordered and am ready to play my first one since Mario Kart 64. My NNID is Sly_Keenan.