nintendo classic game has been completely ruined !

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Paper mario

the first paper mario was good i remember being a kid loving the game that i could never beat (8 years old at the time) beat it years later but i remember i still enjoyed playing the game

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

This game was really good as well i enjoyed it just as much as the first one

Super Paper Mario

i waited for this game i was really angry when i started playing it... i was hurt they changed everything about the paper mario series it kinda suck to me nobody care about no stupid shapes (Pixl)

Paper Mario: Sticker Star

they completely ignored alot of fans wishes to go back to the original format and did this crappy game....this one was on 3Ds and it was horrible !

i guess we will never get a paper mario 2000 and a Thousand year door type mario game again.....

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It's possible for Intelligent Systems (developers of Paper Mario) to learn from their mistakes and create another Paper Mario as good as the first two.

I'd expect a Paper Mario game on the Wii U. It may be too early to say "never."

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i liked sticker star. flawed, yes, but it had plenty of qualities. felt like a more zelda-y paper mario. wish they hadn't used the whole sticker combat thing though, super paper mario's combat was faster and probably would've worked better here.

and super paper mario was pretty, pretty good too. really well written too.

i think people have the right to want a paper mario game that is "true to form", but i don't think people should bash the paper mario games that try something different just because it's different.

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Never bought the 3DS after having the first two handhelds. When Sticker Star came out it looked so missing of what the original games had to offer. I hope Nintendo does make a good Super Paper Mario for Wii U.

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@BrunoBRS: yes they have the right to do whatever they want to do with the game just like i have the right to spend my money on the game tell my opinion on how i feel about it rather anyone like it or not rather care about my opinion or not but of course you may look at it another way because you actually liked the game i personally do not like it i felt the ruined the game... if u check the reviews on the last two paper mario games alot of people were disappointed the reason super paper mario got so many sales were only because the second one did very good. maybe a few kids liked the new one but i know most die hard fans of the first two paper mario games said they were mad or it was okay.... that dont count as a good review on the game.

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Huh? they just wanted to try something new. I'm sure that the next Paper Mario game will be more like the first two.

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tc must be like those cod fanboys, -- don't want change, , , want the same game every year for 60 bucks who can go wrong right? lol I know I wont play paper Mario 3 if it ended up being another paper Mario that I played some 14 yrs ago lol

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@mariokart64fan: i wasn't expecting it to be the exact same .... just like how mario party series games wasnt the exact same... just like how the first two paper mario wasn't exactly the same.. you missed the whole point.

@turtlethetaffer they tried something new and it wasnt good...

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Super Paper Mario is ****ing garbage and I haven't played my copy of stick star yet, but I'm not excited...

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@YoshiYogurt said:

Super Paper Mario is ****ing garbage and I haven't played my copy of stick star yet, but I'm not excited...

Why don't you give your copy to a kid..the target audience?