Nintendo 64 worth?

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Hey Guys! This is my first post of GameSpot! I didn't know where to post this topic but the Nintendo Wii section was as close as I could find. I was wondering how much my Nintendo 64 and it's games was worth. And also how I should sell them? I am not interested in online sales. Here's the Games and accessories: Nintendo 64 - (Used, and broken, whenever I plug everything in and turn it on there is no Audio or Video that comes on) 2 Controllers - (Both in great condition but one is missing the battery pack that connects to the back of it. AV Cords - (May be problem with no Audio or Video) Games: (All work perfectly) Star Wars: Shadow of The Empire Top Gear RALLY Waialae Country Club Yoshi's Story Diddy Kong Racing Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards Glover Banjo Kazooie Mickey's Speedway USA Donkey Kong 64 (Yellow Cartridge, does this increase value?) Quest 64 Rugrats Scavenger Hunt Mario Kart 64 Pokémon SNAP I don't believe GameStop will take it so I am thinking of my local Pawn Shop.
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Don't take it to your local pawn shop,just put an add over kijiji\crailist
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I am not interested in online salesDBD_UrbanShadow
Well there's your problem. No retro game store or pawn shop will want a friken broken n64. You'll get much more if you sell the games individually on ebay.
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post this in the legacy forum.

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The legacy board is the best place for this sort of question. :)