ninja gaiden ds graphics...

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#1 Posted by dese1 (448 posts) -

from what ive seen they seem to be the best for any ds game

any thoughts?

#2 Posted by foreversai (1801 posts) -

It's most likely the best graphics for the DS so far, i'm just hoping the game isnt gonna have any major flaw or is too short.

#3 Posted by guard12 (1657 posts) -
Ninja Gaiden will probably deliver for the DS. Team Ninja seems to put there best effort in the Ninja Gaiden games.
#4 Posted by podliver (1765 posts) -

Yeah, the graphics look top-notch

I don't think it's possible for Team Ninja to ever screw up... :D

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Will the game be short though? will it be more than 10 hours?
#6 Posted by Ingenemployee (2307 posts) -
The games about 8 hours but its a game that you will want to keep playing, the demo has the same effect
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The games about 8 hours but its a game that you will want to keep playing, the demo has the same effectIngenemployee

Yeah, I definitely see this one as being one of those games a player will enjoy playing through multiple times. The action and control set-up are just out of this world. I can't wait to see what's beyong the demo in terms of moves and combos and such.

Absolutely the best-looking game on DS, though. There are actually some photo-realistic elements, which just seeing that on the DS blows my mind. Itagaki really chose the best path, I think, when using pre-rendered backgrounds and 3-D characters. It allows for the game to look amazing at an amazing framerate. Ryu's speed is probably better felt on the DS than on a console.

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I hope this game delivers. I've been wanting a new game for my DS.
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Any news on WIFI, multiplayer, or extra unlockables? The game demo did have great graphics, but if it really is short (Which Im sure it will be) then I think multiplayer and things like downloadable content off wifi and unlockable missions or something would keep me playing for years to come. Or at least until Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days comes out.
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the game has great graphics but i think kingdom hearts 358/2 days pushes ds to full limit.
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does anyone know if there are different difficulties, thanks in advance