New Super Mario Bros 3 bug/Design flaw "never seen" before?

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A friend and myself were playing some SMB3 two player yesterday when we got to the Tower level on World 5. You all probably know about a glitch were you can go through a wall and see a lone block in the sky. First of i found a different way to get there, not the usual route (go through the same wall but in a different spot). When we tried to recreate the glitch we somehow find another glitch/design flaw with the game.

When all levels were cleared on the ground level of World 5 and we both had gone from the sky to the ground, dying made it so that player would "respawn" on the tower itself. The problem now is that if either player tries to start the level a Mario Bros VS mode mini-game starts instead. Does not matter who wins, if you go to the pipes and let the time run out, you are stuck.

At first we thought this must have been common knowledge but I've Googled like Sherlock Holmes and i can't find any info about it. Are we one of the first ones to find this? Not that it matters but i still wanted to show this great **** up that gets you and your friend stuck. You can get away if you have a flute though, but without it you have to restart the game.