NEW Black Ops: Nazi Zombies glitch

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#1 Posted by nintenjoe3 (385 posts) -

I was playing one game, and it started doing this:

My character freezes up for a sec, then when unfreezes, takes a while to aim. Sometimes, when it unfreezes, I will start doing that thing where the control stick is reset wrong, and i keep moving in one direction w/o pressing anything, only it's not the controller. Anyone else have this yet?

#2 Posted by unrealtron (3148 posts) -

that´s called lag

#3 Posted by Michael0134567 (28651 posts) -

It's probably lag,as unrealtron said.

#4 Posted by XboxGuy1537 (2360 posts) -

As the other two users said, lag.

#5 Posted by Alan-ex- (559 posts) -

as unrealtron, Michael0134567 an XboxGuy1537 said it's lag

#6 Posted by ZumaJones07 (16458 posts) -
You can listen to suggestion those four suggested, or listen to me. [spoiler] Probably lag. [/spoiler]
#7 Posted by TheWanderer123 (25 posts) -
Cmon guys, dont be mean! Btw, its lag.
#8 Posted by wiicube64 (371 posts) -

As unrealtron, Michael0134567, XboxGuy1537, Alan-ex-, ZumaJones07, annnndddddd TheWanderer123 have said

Dude, it's lag.

#9 Posted by alexh_99 (5378 posts) -

i could see it being the joystick stuck.

otherwise its lag