Need help in Animal Crossing New Leaf

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I went to sleep right after I started playing it and I couldn't get a watering can from Isabelle. Nook's shop doesn't have it in stock either right now, and I don't want to wait till tomorrow, because I have to water a few flowers and get my approval rating up. Is there any other way I can get a watering can?

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Have you done some errands for Isabelle? I'm pretty sure she gives you one after you complete a few tasks from her in the "Advice for living here" option. If she doesn't give you the watering can after several tasks, I guess your only options are waiting for it to be available in Nooklings, buying it from a friend's town, or change the 3DS time and date (if you're impatient).

Hopefully you can fish out enough trash to sell to boost that approval rating as you wait for the watering can.

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Nooklings doesn't have a watering can if you can't do those tasks for Isabelle you have to wait until the Gardening Shop run by Leif gets built.

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If you keep asking her about what you have to do, she will eventually give you a task that requires a watering can and will give you one.