NA Club Nintendo offering 3DSXL Charging Cradles

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#1 Posted by moltenix (2487 posts) -

Starting on October 31, you can grab one of five coloured 3DSXL Charging Cradles for 500 coins. Looks like this is for a limited time only so get one while quantities last if you're interested!

I don't remember the last time I used coins for anything so I guess i'll get one. It was always very handy to use with the regular 3DS before I got the XL.

#2 Posted by ANIMEguy10034 (4889 posts) -

Nice! Imma get one even though I don't own a XL. I'm sure future me will upgrade eventually. :P

#3 Posted by moltenix (2487 posts) -

You don't have an XL? Get one, so much better! =D

Going back and holding my DS Lite and OG 3DS feel so weird nowadays.

#4 Posted by thetravman (3543 posts) -

Finally. I'll be getting one, although I wish there was a purple or a darker green one.

#5 Edited by Haziqonfire (36344 posts) -

I'll be getting the red one to match my red 3DS XL.

I finally have an excuse to use my 1200 coins on something.

#6 Posted by Heirren (19014 posts) -

About time. It is silly that there isn't one available. Cradles are very usefull, imo. Luckily for me I'm lazy with registering products. I still need to register my wii, wii u, all my nintendo wii and wii u games, and a bunch of 3ds games.

#7 Edited by Haziqonfire (36344 posts) -

I've got to remember to order one tomorrow morning before work ... hopefully I don't forget and it's too late ...

#8 Posted by moltenix (2487 posts) -

You have got to be kidding me...

I was checking all morning and it wasn't available yet.

I grab some lunch, settle down and check again... freakin' sold out. Either everyone desperately wanted one or Nintendo's got some crazy idea of what limited quantity means.

#9 Posted by rubber-chicken (2066 posts) -

It's sold out??! I was checking earlier today (Oct 31st) and they weren't up yet, and now I check that they're sold out??! Where does it say they're sold out?

#10 Posted by moltenix (2487 posts) -

On the rewards page, it's listed under Currently Unavailable.

Apparently sold out within an hour... =(

#11 Edited by Avatar_Taxidous (4407 posts) -

I've never bothered with the charging cradle for my 3DS since I got it.

#12 Edited by darkspineslayer (20466 posts) -

You have GOT to be f**king kidding me, gone already?

It's ridiculious that I would need to go through Nintendo to buy one properly, but I guess it's hardly the first situation that proved Nintendo hates money.

#13 Posted by Haziqonfire (36344 posts) -

lol. I managed to order one at work. I had to try for like 20 minutes but I finally got in. I ordered a green one.

#14 Posted by ANIMEguy10034 (4889 posts) -

@moltenix said:

On the rewards page, it's listed under Currently Unavailable.

Apparently sold out within an hour... =(

Oh wow. I chose the wrong day to not be near a computer.

#15 Posted by moltenix (2487 posts) -

@haziqonfire: You actually got one?!

*stares at piles of unspent coins*

Aww, I hate you... =(

#16 Edited by Ovirew (6738 posts) -

So does the XL not come with its own charge cradle?

When I had my original 3DS, I remember I really liked the charge cradle. It seems odd that they'd release the XL without one.

#17 Posted by etmaul (744 posts) -

Got a blue one, took me a while to get one too. Even the site gave me a slow loading message.

#18 Posted by ItsEvolution (2593 posts) -

I've got 510 coins and absolutely nothing to spend them on. Maybe they should offer more VC games or something, if they can't offer any decent physical prizes or keep the good things in stock.