Missing nintendo franchises on wiiU. Ideas and predictions.

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So there's some franchises currently missing on wiiU, and I have some hopes and ideas for what they should be doing with them.

Star fox- I have two thoughts on the star fox franchise. The first would be a classic star fox game with a more open approach to aerial combat and team mate support via the gamepad. I think this would be one of the best uses of the gamepad to date.

Or alternatively, if they had to do another star fox adventures instead then I'd like to see an open universe where you can travel to multiple different planets in any order you wish (think mass effect but more action and less dialogue).

Zelda- I'm not sure what I would like added to the next Zelda game. I just hope it' deviates slightly to the normal Zelda formula. And from what we've been told so far and seen in latest 3ds title it looks likely to shake things up.

Also, majoras mask successor please.

Animal crossing- I'd like to see a greater emphasis with the social online aspects should they bring animal crossing to wiiU. The ability to visit other players villages and trade items, and the need to work co-operatively in order to obtain some of the rarest bugs or fossils.

Metroid- I'm just hoping for a first person shooter with an amazing multiplayer mode. The ability to upgrade and customise my very own bounty hunter in metroids world would be amazing.

Pokemon- I know there's already a Pokemon game of sorts on the wiiU but I'm not counting that poor excuse of a cash in. What I really want to see is either one of two things. Either a fully fledged Pokemon rpg that everyone's wanted on a home console for years (an mmo would be mindblowing but unlikely) or a card trading battle game using real cards and making use of the forgotten NFC reader.

I know there's more franchises (f zero being another popular choice) but these are the ones I dream of owning in the hopefully not to distant future.

Please use this thread to share any ideas you have for these or other nintendo franchises, even new franchises if you're feeling particularly creative. I always like to hear what fellow gamers and nintendo fans want to see in future titles.

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Zelda: I'd like one that's a sequel to Skyward Sword that actually utilizes the sky world more, much like Wind Waker used the sea, or an open-world Zelda with a huge Hyrule.

StarFox: I really like your idea about the open world thing, and I've actually been thinking they might do that. I think with this idea there is plenty of room for classic arwing missions. You know how Kingdom Hearts had those Gummi ship segments on the way to a new world? Well, an open world StarFox could do that. The rest of the game would have free-roaming arwing and landmaster sections along with ground play.

F-Zero: Online mode and track editor. That's pretty much all F-Zero needs to be awesome on Wii-U

Metroid: Make another gorgeous FPS for it.

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@joe_b1_kenobi said:

Or alternatively, if they had to do another star fox adventures instead then I'd like to see an open universe where you can travel to multiple different planets in any order you wish (think mass effect but more action and less dialogue).

That is an awesome idea. If Nintendo does Star Fox on Wii U, I hope they take this approach. This would open up the possibility for multiple endings depending on which planets you visit and fights you choose to participate in.

For Metroid, I'm not too concerned about multiplayer. That franchise has always been about a solitary journey through alien worlds. I certainly won't complain if they throw in an excellent multiplayer mode, though. I'm hoping they go back to the first person perspective and make good use of the Gamepad's features. Should be fairly simple for them to come up with how it can be used.

With Zelda, I really want an open world that isn't constructed like a maze. I hated how it was so tedious to get from place to place in Skyward Sword and how the overworld was broken up into chunks. I'd also like them to expand on the non-linear dungeon order from A Link Between Worlds.

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I think if Nintendo was to make another Custom Robo game, but on a much massive scale it could be pretty awesome, maybe make it more of an action/adventure *or give it that modern RPG touch, enemy in the overworld touch them to battle etc.* where you exploring the world, battling other robo along the way, online multiplayer where you battle other players in bigger terrain *thinking 4-8 players?*.

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How about StarTropics? That game was right up there in the NES era if you ask me. Awesome memories. Why couldn't that kid (can't remember his name) be in the next Smash Bros? He used a bat, a yo-yo, and a flamey throwy thing.

Adventure Island? Kid Icarus? Paperboy? Contra? Blaster Master?

I know several of these aren't Nintendo exclusive franchises. I'd just like to see them revive them on the Wii U.

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@bdmckinley: I doubt Mike Jones(Protagonist of StarTropics) will be in the new Smash Bros. because those games were never released in Japan and so the developers probably have no idea who he is.

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@metswonin69: Yeah, I doubt it too. I just loved that game and always wondered why Nintendo never did anything with it after the NES. Nintendo is sitting on underutilized IPs that could be used. I'm game for anything that will help the U at this point. It's an awesome system that gets a lot of mud slung at it. My son and I love the Wii U.

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How many of these threads are going to be created? My goodness

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I would like to see a remake for legend of Zelda majora's mask.