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Let me start by saying that I love Miiverse. It's great that they have a community dedicated to each game and application.Wouldn't it be great if they created a general Nintendo or WiiU community category as well? People could gather just to discuss general Nintendo news or rumors of upcoming system features or games. It would also make a great area for Nintendo to watch as people could inform them of bugs they've encountered in the system or make suggestions features they'd like fixed or implemented. Has anybody had the same thought? Any other ideas?

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i'd like an option to show a list games your friends have played when you look at their profile. just to get an idea of their wiiU collection.

also when you look at your friends list...and if your friend is offline...it would be cool if it shows the last game they were playing..

they also need to add more channels..... the nintendo channel on wii was great for news and stuff.....the check mii out channel was a great way to download unique miis...


as for your general wiiU discussion forum..yea...thatd be a great way to send your ideas to nintendo and stuff.

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It's going to be unreasonable to have a community for each and every game several years down the line. Would not supprise me if they went with a more fourm-esque setup eventually, where we might have a Mario community, AC community, ect... I would like to see their attempt at user created boards.
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I had the same idea. I was thinking about it this week when I wondered if it was okay to keep the gamepad on its charging dock when I'm not using it. I wanted to post a message on Miiverse but I remembered that all the communities were game-related. I posted it anyway, in the Ninendoland community. But yeah, a "General" community would be nice.

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I am surprised by how much I absolutely love Miiverse. Great move by Nintendo.

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I haven't even tried it yet, since I do not have a Wii U, but I am looking forward to it.

It seems that the concept has been working out very nicely, so I expect to see some nice updates and evolutions in the near future.