Mario Paint for Wii?

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It's been a while since Mario Paint was out on the SNES. Sadly it may not be coming to the VC because it needed the mouse peripheral. It was just so fun to make animated movies and tape it with my VCR back in the day. Will they make a new Mario Paint? It'd be really easy with the Wiimote. What do you guys think?

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I'm sure they would but if not they could always make a wii-ware game and make a whole new version of Mario paint.
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The Wii remote isn't accurate enough.
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they ought to remake it
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I think it would be better for the DS than the Wii
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I'm up for it!

I remember the Fly Swatter game, that was epic!

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Mario Paint? Only on Wiiware, not on retail or DS.
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no need for that game

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I think they will eventually. It'll be Mario Paint (Presented by Adobe Inc.)!
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The Wii remote isn't accurate enough.Rocky32189
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That fly swatter game sure would be fun with the Wiimote though.
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