mario kart ds friend codes: )

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#1 Posted by ty1992 (841 posts) -
any1 wanna add me to ur friends list? if so leave ur friend code here.mine is 395230-690362
#2 Posted by bbtcbbtc (1028 posts) -
 I added yours. Here's mine
#3 Posted by ty1992 (841 posts) -
what is ur friend code?
#4 Posted by apu0404 (3682 posts) -
IN sig
#5 Posted by ty1992 (841 posts) -
IN sig???
#6 Posted by stiker71 (4737 posts) -
IN sig???ty1992
That means its In his sig Right below his message,DS: Friend code Mario Kart: 373747 963067 Thats his.
#7 Posted by ty1992 (841 posts) -
do u want to play online on mario kart ds???
#8 Posted by stiker71 (4737 posts) -
do u want to play online on mario kart ds???ty1992
Sorry i havnt played in forever and i dont even know my code,Trying finding random worldwide people thats what i use to do.
#9 Posted by ty1992 (841 posts) -
ok thx
#10 Posted by knox-fan95 (485 posts) -
its on my page
#11 Posted by Josewii44 (25 posts) -
My friend code is 107 477 548 376 nick name Josewii44
#12 Posted by bossychick85 (25 posts) -

Hello everyone!My MK:DS Friend code is : 124705239905

Feel free to add me to your list!

#13 Posted by c_rakestraw (14800 posts) -
Please use the The Nintendo DS Wi-Fi/FC Thread located at the top of the board for exchanging friend codes.
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I added yours here's mine: 421070-251357
#15 Posted by petrommell (25 posts) -
hello my friends!!!! I am venezuelan. I have a nintendo ds but sell, mario kart is the best game in the world. I don.t write the english very much... Saludos amigos mios. Asi practico mi ingles.:oops:
#16 Posted by dev9 (25 posts) -
mine is 236456-477294
#17 Posted by hadoboy (25 posts) -
Mine is 300785813789 I added the person who started this topic so please add me :)
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