mario kart 8 pre order for just 32.98 pounds on thehut

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Hey guys I have some great news. I recently had a pre order for mario kart 8 from shopto for about £39.85 and was just browsing and found it cheaper on the hut website. on there it is £37.98 and lucky for me I found a discount code online for £5 so the subtotal is £32.98. I live in the uk and I am not sure if this works in the usa but the hut ships worldwide so why not give it a shot.

The £5 can be used off other games aswell but mario kart is a very good deal. They have smash bros but it is listed for £54.99 on there so is no point.


Here is the discount code and website.




 I just thought id help you guys save some cash and its a great deal try it.


(EDIT) also the hut has a release date for april 18th but of course this has not been confirmed but I would love to get the game anytime before E3.

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lol release date hasnt even been announced...this preorder will not hold water.

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nice try. mario kart 8 won't be out until spring 2014.