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hey friends Please sort my query.. When i was 10 y old , I used to play a game and i dont know its name now. Please help me out to find this game name so i can play it in nintendo.. My hints are following (1) Normally every old games have three (chance or player) to play with,, like we can see in mario.. the game that i m searching have also three player but all three players come in different human. First player look like micheal jackson and fire with gun.. second one is look similar to the kung fu man and having weapon used by bruce lee in the movies. Third one was having the gun and came with green shirt.. (2) IN first round player jumps over the building and dangled themself in the baloons. (3) If you lost your player in the first or second round, the lost player will be available in the next round in the rooms as bonus.. Please any one have clue of that type of game or anyone having name of this game.. mail me at fareed_22_99@yahoo.com... I will appreciate his/her work Thanks
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Not a clue what game you're talking but you may refer to sites like Nintendolife.com as they have a full repository of VC games available at the Wii shop channel. Is the only way I can help you finding this game. You can also look directly at the Wii shop channel as it have some search functions to filter by genre, console, etc. Wish you luck!
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i'd suggest asking this Here. they're usually pretty good at figuring things like this out.
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try posting in the legacy forum..

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I don't have a clue what you are talking about. Part of the reason is due to your grammar. Learn to write English better. I know that this is a forum and that it is not school, but your thoughts need to be written better than the way they are now.

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This request would be better suited to the game remembrance thread on GGD. Thanks!