Looking for Friends... Safaris! (Pokemon XY)

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#1 Posted by MythKid (25 posts) -

I just beat my first play-through of Pokemon X and was looking for friend codes so I can start breeding those Pokes!

Post your code, and I will add you!

My code is: 1220-6882-5361

I will also be available for Trade and Battles later on :)


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#2 Posted by Tokeism (2365 posts) -

Why not use this tread: http://www.gamespot.com/forums/nintendo-discussion-1000001/pokemon-x-y-friend-safari-code-exchange-30918073/#439

Its literally 10 post down

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@Tokeism: Thanks I will try that too, but I was looking for people on right now... It looks like that last post was 2 days ago

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#4 Posted by Tokeism (2365 posts) -

Last Post was around 3 hours ago there, you can add me if you'd like.

FC: 3582-9546-5934, IGN: Joey

Safari: Water - Gyarados, Octillery and Frogadier