Likelihood of Advance Wars 5 for Nintendo 3DS

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The Wars series has been around for a long time, since Famicom days. But the turn of the millennia established Advance Wars as one of Nintendo's strongest IP's.

  • Advance Wars 1 and 2 came on the Gameboy Advance.
  • Battalion Wars came out on Gamecube.
  • Dual Strike and Days of Ruin came out on Nintendo DS.
  • Battalion Wars 2 came out on Wii.
  • Basically 3 Wars games per gen

Dual Strike was one of my favorite games of all time. Days of Ruin was a great game, compared to most DS games, but a disappointing follow-up.

Intelligent Systems, the maker of Advance Wars, also makes Fire Emblem, Paper Mario and Wario. Fire Emblem and Paper Mario came out for the 3DS already so AW5 is due or a dumb Wario game.

We're due.

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Overdue, really. It's been five years since "Days of Ruin" came out.

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@REVOLUTIONfreak said:

Overdue, really. It's been five years since "Days of Ruin" came out.

and 8 years since an awesome Wars game.

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...There's already 4 advance wars games out?

That's news to me. I've been wanting to try that franchise

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start with dual strike. its the most beginning friendly.

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@drekula2: I dunno about that. I found the the DS versions weren't as good as the GBA versions for some reasons. For that reason I'd suggest just going for the first one.

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That would be sweet. It is certainly long overdue.

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It'll happen at some point on 3DS. I'd wager the only reason Intelligent Systems hasn't made one yet is because they've been too busy with other projects.

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Advanced wars on the Wii U would be MASSIVE. The game pad is perfect for the gameplay

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I'd like to see a massive BW reboot on the U while getting the exact FE:A team on AW 3D.

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@blaaksheep said:

Advanced wars on the Wii U would be MASSIVE. The game pad is perfect for the gameplay


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I have been waiting FOREVER for a new Advance Wars!!!! I have Battalion Wars 1 and 2 but it is not the same. Who knows when we will get it, Intelligent Systems seems to have slowed down their game development and we know they are already working on SMTxFE right now. Days of Ruin was fine but I want the original series back. The CO Powers being nerfed was disappointing.

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they should create an Advanced wars title for 3DS then sell an identical version exclusively on the Wii U eshop. tell buyers that if you buy the 3DS version u get a discount on the Digital Wii U version. that way Nintendo could create a massive cross platform online community and have a 'Must Have' game that would sell huge volume of digital copies.

the Advertising campaign would be awesome aswell

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I'm hoping they'll make a new Advance Wars for the 3DS, and NOT a Batallion Wars, since I didn't like them that much. I wouldn't mind new characters like in Days of Ruin, but I think seeing Andy, Jake, and all of the other beloved COs again is long overdue. Here's to hoping IS has another AW up their sleeves for the 3DS.

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Considering how well the last Fire Emblem was received, there will probably be a new Advance Wars before long.

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The first Advance Wars was really good! I hope they release it on the 3DS eShop.