Just about to beat master quest in oot 3D

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Its thew furthest I have ever gotten in master quest. Did anyone beat master quest in this game?

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@JYoungin20years said:

Did anyone beat master quest in this game?

No, if you beat it you'll be the first.

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Don't worry, I'm sure Nintendo will remake OOT again so you'll have a new reimagined adventure awaiting you after your success with Master Quest. Congratulations on the accomplishment though

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@JML897 said:

@JYoungin20years said:

Did anyone beat master quest in this game?

No, if you beat it you'll be the first.

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I haven't touched the Master Quest yet, I was thinking about going back and playing that soon in anticipation for Link Between Worlds. Just finished Project X Zone so guess I have some time... though Ace Attorney Duel Destinies looks mighty tempting.

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No. I got stuck somewhere. Don't remember where. Might go back to it later. I like that they changed so much rather than just making it harder.

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Hmm. I can't remember if I've beaten it before. Once I start with Master Quest, I get over it by the time I reach the first few dungeons - given that I already recently played the entire game beforehand. And when I revisit the game in the future, I normally prefer playing games "vanilla" in a sense, where I want the authentic and original experience intended by the author. This is one of the reasons I choose "Normal" difficulty in games (despite being perfectly capable of finishing it on a harder setting). I just prefer what the devs intended as their main build. Once I finish the core game, I move on to extra things (like harder difficulty, or in OoT's case, Master Quest), but as I said, I'm over playing the game by this point, and so I don't really get too far into it.