Is Wii shop channel safe?

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#1 Posted by nukeboy14 (39 posts) -

Hi i am wondering whether it is safe to use credit cards to get wii shop point

plz reply as quickly as possible because i wanna play some virtual console and run the internet on my wii

#2 Posted by Chojuto (2908 posts) -
I'm pretty sure it is safe to use credit cards. And if it's not, you can sue Nintendo (I think) lol.
#3 Posted by nukeboy14 (39 posts) -
Hmmmm i hope so , if all the money from my dad's credit card goes away i,ll murder nintendo(or any stupid hacker)
#5 Posted by superluigi96 (504 posts) -

It's safe. Nintendo says it's encrypted, and they have no reason to lie about that. If people started getting their identities hacked after buying Wii Points people would start to notice the trend.

I buy Wii points using my credit card all the time and have never had any problems with it. I keep an eye on my statements just in case, though.

#6 Posted by nukeboy14 (39 posts) -
Thanks people, i m gonna trying using a credit card to get wii points, or i might even buy a wii points card
#7 Posted by Sword-Demon (7001 posts) -
i usually use a credit card for wii points, and i've had no problems at all. and nintendo wouldnt release an online shop without having some sort of saftey measure in place.
#8 Posted by _Pinbot_ (1062 posts) -
No, I was using it and the TV fell of the shelf and crushed my legs. Most damage a Wii Channel has ever done to me. I repeat it is not safe.
#9 Posted by loco145 (10847 posts) -
Its safer than your PC, since there are no Trojans, spy-bots or key-loggers for the wii.
#10 Posted by toadster101 (12622 posts) -
Most people would probably say yes, but I say NO.
#11 Posted by Jaysonguy (38043 posts) -

Yes it's 100% safe

There is no chance of anything happening because it's a direct line to Nintendo. It's not like using a portal on the web then going to You have a one way link with Nintendo.

More and more people have to get over the irrational fear of transactions online. Especially when overall it's safer.

The same people who think that shopping online is dangerous are the same ones that hand a perfect stranger getting paid minimum wage their credit card to enter information.

It's 2008 and there are safe avenues when it comes to purchasing things online, the Nintendo shop is one of them