Is a DSi XL the most worthwhile option for my DS backlog?

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These titles limits are killing me, so here's what I'm considering.

I have a huge DS backlog I want to finish and I'm not a big fan of using my 3DS to finish it because I hate playing games with borders. I really do.

I'm not sure if the 3DS XL is like this, but I heard that it does DS games better than the normal 3DS. The only thing is, I don't want to spend over $100 on another handheld system right now, used or new. The DSi XL is relatively cheap, so I wanted to know your guys' experience with it and how it stretches out the resolution of the DS games it run. I was using my DS Lite today and its smaller screen size was quite a shock after using my PSPgo, Vita, and 3DS for so long.

What's an appropriate price for the DSi XL and where would you guys recommend looking if you recommend it?

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I haven't played the XL version of any system. But here is a video comparing the DSi XL and the 3DS XL using Mario Kart on the DS:

Judging from the video, there is a black strip still on the 3DS XL. But given the screen size, it might not be that noticeable. Also, I think the 3DS XL is supposed to play DS games at their native resolution without stretching it to fit the screen.

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The DS-XL screen stretch is a myth.

okay, sure not really, ---one can notice pixels when looking only for pixels,

but not once have I felt that it took me out of the game.

I'd keep an eye on ebay for something used. I bet $100 is a higher range for used, that will cover shipping and a few toss-in games. *Just checked*---and there are systems-only floating around 60-70.

I'm thinking about getting another one, before they leave the market...I'd even pay 160-new again just to have a fresh one for DS games, the 3DS doesn't cut it in DS- replay comparison.