Interview with Manfred Linzner of Shin'en

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Holger Wettstein (ntower): Shin'en Multimedia is known for excellent WiiWare games like Jett Rocket and FAST Racing League.The more Nintendo fans look forward to Neo Nano Assault for the brand new Nintendo Wii U. Maybe you can tell us a little about the new Nano Assault Neo and what are the most important new features are.

Manfred Linzner (CEO Shin'en Multimedia): Nano Assault Neo (NAN) is our first Wii U project and as with any new platform, we wanted a launch title that neatly shows what's in the hardware. Players are so pleased with NAN to a strong start in the eShop. NAN brings non-stop action for 1-2 players. You can always transfer the game from the TV to the Wii U GamePad. There are many different modes, special tasks, 'Awards' called, online rankings, and more. Visually there are outstanding levels that are all located in the nanoworld. Also acoustically abound. NAN 5.1 supports Linear PCM and thus brings the player closer to the fascinating nano world.

HW: In advance of the release of the Wii U, there were many rumors and discussions about the hardware power of the console.You have now gained some experience with it.How is your personal impression about the power of the console?And you think that they can stand against the next generation of Microsoft and Sony?

ML: Right now, the Wii U is the most powerful console with a lot of potential for the future. One must not forget that the Wii U GPU a very different generation comes as their current competitors. This completely new approaches are possible, which are to be implemented on the one hand much easier than bringing the special hybrid solutions that are needed on other consoles at the time, and also ultimately a lot more performance. In combination with the more than ample memory you have an incredible number of ways. One must also not forget that it takes developers who can make fullest the potential of a console ever. And since Nintendo has with his own team like Retro Studios and EAD surely an unbeatable advantage.

HW: How did during the development of Nano Assault Neo working with Nintendo?Allowed to give total control and to what extent you have been briefed on the capabilities of the new console?

ML: Nintendo always makes us a free hand and that we appreciate. On the possibilities of the Wii U, we get a lot of information in advance of course and still get almost daily updates.

HW: Nano Assault Neo appears in the eShop Wii U. Were you able to make even a picture of the new online shop?If so, it will differ significantly in the structure of the already known eShop for the Nintendo 3DS?

ML: I can not give any information at the moment unfortunately.

HW: Do you already know in what price range are Nano Assault is Neo?

ML: We are NAN bring a price in the eShop, which hopefully there will be a requirement for each title.

HW: At the moment, DLC, DLC, with many publishers and developers also very popular.After all, they can be as well as after the sale of a game earn money.Players are, however, critical of the whole.What is your attitude to DLC and what can we expect for Nano Assault Neo?

ML: We do primarily thinking about a great game, in which everyone knows what they are getting when buying. DLC does not matter to us at present. Rather we would later provide a free update for NAN, which enables new features.

HW: The 3DS title Nano Assault is not yet released here in Europe.Can you tell us the reasons for this?

ML: The publishing rights for the European version will be 505 Games. Unfortunately we have no control over their release policy.

HW: How is the development of Nano Assault EX?May be the European 3DS owners are at least in this version?

ML: Of course. The development is progressing rapidly and we are trying to make the title later this year to bring in the 3DS eShop.

HW: Finally, we would like to know if any other projects are planned for the Wii U, or if you wait until the success of Nano Assault Neo?

ML: We have something for the Wii U before. The success of Nano Assault Neo will naturally have a lot of influence on our future projects.

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Great interview, though I noticed some grammer problems. So Im guessing this interview was originally done in something other than English was't it?

Anyway, I will be getting NAN for the Wii U when it comes out :)

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Great interview, though I noticed some grammer problems. So Im guessing this interview was originally done in Japanese wasn't it?

Anyway, I will be getting NAN for the Wii U when it comes out :)


It was originally done in German.

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Well, that was a bit useless.