If you missed Amazon's W101 $30 deal, try Best Buy

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#1 Posted by nini200 (10631 posts) -

I recently went into my local Best Buy today and saw that they had The Wonderful 101 on sale for $29.99.

Since I missed the Amazon deal, I thought this may be a great time to pick it up for the $30 price.

I then remembered I had 2 $15 best buy gift cards which I redeemed and got the game for $2.

So if you missed the Amazon deal, try your local best buy. They may have it on sale. I suggest calling first though.

#2 Edited by MonsieurX (32023 posts) -

Only if this deal was available in Canada as well :(

#3 Posted by good_sk8er7 (4325 posts) -

I really wanted to enjoy this game, but I just did not like the demo at all. :(

#4 Posted by Kaze_no_Mirai (11689 posts) -

I was just at target, it's priced at 29.99 as well there. It also appears to be a permanent price drop instead of a sale, at least at target.